1) Measure your closet and call Closet Hero at 208-375-4376 for an Estimate over the phone

Measuring your closet

(Measurements for estimating purposes need to be to the nearest inch, whereas measurements to build off of need to be to the nearest eighth of an inch.)

Below is a top view of a typical bedroom closet. In order to give you an accurate estimate over the phone we will need to know the length wall where your new closet will be installed.  If you would like a closet with a bank of drawers, or you have a walk in closet we will need all five measurements indicated by the boxes below to ensure that your closet will fit your space, and all parts will move as intended. If you live in the Boise Metro area and would like a free design consultation just call the number above or email us to set up a time that we can send someone out.



2) Estimating and Ordering Online

Before shopping, all customers have to register to ensure they are not a malicious computer program sent from the future to spam our email accounts. After registering use your measurements and go to the shop tab above to pick out a closet style. Click on a picture of a closet style to see the options available for each closet and read a brief description for each closet. Place the measurement of the back wall of your closet in the "exact product width (Required)" field on the shopping page. And use the drop down "product width (rounded up)" field to determine pricing. By clicking the "Add to Cart" button the subtotal of each closet will appear below in your shopping cart. This total does not include sales tax. To view sales tax simply open up your shopping cart by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "show cart" link.


3) Order online, or contact us

If step one and two are complete all that is left to do is purchase your closet in your shopping cart by following the prompts in your cart. Or contact us so that we can schedule a consultation and finalize your order.  Closet Hero is a local (Boise, Idaho) company and currently do not ship any of our products. Online payments are received though PayPal for security purposes. If your exact product width and rounded up width do not match we will not make your closet until we verify both measurements and correct any pricing discrepancies. Other payment options are available by calling (208)-375-4376 or using the "contact us" tab to send Closet Hero an email.